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Uusia Alkuja / New Beginnings

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Happy New Year and new beginnings everyone! Quite a year behind for everyone I assume. However today we have a chance to start year 2021 from a clean base! In every momonet we hold the possibility to let go of actions that consume us and thought patterns that limit us. Change our routines and patterns and direct our attention and energy towards a state of being and action that takes us forward. For myself the past year included many things that I feel that now with the year end and beginning of the new one it's good to let go of them. Focusing to direct my attention and energy into action that is essential in each moment.

Fast portrait drawing of my soon 3-year-old guru while she was drawing her own master piece.

Among the activities I want to bring to this fresh year is something "new" that arouse just before the new year time: I found back the joy of drawing with pencil again. I used to do it a lot when young. Recently I've been mostly painting with spray or acrylics or if I've done any sketching I've done it with ink or paint markers. Now I've started a new sketchbook and it's dedicated to pencil drawings. It's such a beautiful but in some ways an underestimated way of creating art, or at least was for me. I don't know if I'm going to create many finished pieces or mostly sketching but I feel I have a lot to learn to master this technique and I really feel like focusing the short moments I have in between the family life and the whole "making a living with art", into drawing what ever it is that I feel to draw at that moment. It's one more way of concentration and meditation for me. With that I'll continue to this new cycle and orbit around the sun! What are the routines that you feel to take to this new era?

I also want to give a big THANK YOU to all of you out there reading this, following and supporting my art journey! 2020 was not an easy year for many of us and it definitely was not easy for artists worldwide.. So in honour and support for the new beginnings I want to offer my prints and art products with good discounts for limited time. If you still haven't signed up to my Artletter you can now do it and benefit a special coupon on top of already discounted prices! I'll usually send 1 to 4 emails per month, a couple more when there is a new release, exhibition or other event. No spam! And you can unsubscribe with one click any time. So I recommend to subscribe and check all products in Uni Store ! Sign up HERE!

Thank You again and enjoy Life! Niko | Uni

Ps. to commission a custom painting, drawing, mural, design etc. feel free to hit me up with email or through the contact form!

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